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Congratulations on your decision to explore INSURANCE RESTORATION !!

  • INSURANCE RESTORATION is a huge market. In 2013 insurers paid out 12.7 billion in property claims. (per the Insurance Information Institute)

  • INSURANCE RESTORATION is one of the most profitable parts of the construction industry with 60% gross profit and a net of 15% to 18%

  • INSURANCE RESTORATION is recession proof. In the midst of the recession some First Generals had their best years. There are always claims, always

  • INSURANCE RESTORATION requires a high degree of specialization. Your firm, with First Generals specialized training, Proprietary software and paper work system gives you all the tools insurance companies demand.

First General was rated #1 by three of the largest insurers in North America compared to other restoration networks. First General provided the fastest scoping, pricing and closing of claim files. Those three parts of the claim process are the most important part of a successful claim department.
For 30 years First general has led all providers in customer service, specialized software and training. Those features have allowed First General to develop a network of adjusters that First Generals work with everyday.

All First Generals have protected territories
First General has a new program called " Start-up Partnership Program". The program is for contractors who appear to have the organisational and management skills that are critical for success as a First General. There are special financial arrangements for qualified firms. If you have specific questions about our program just complete the form below and state your question and a representative will provide your answers.
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